How to use使い方ガイド

How to use the dryer

1.Choose the size of the dryer.

Please choose the size of the dryer that will reach the height of the sticker on the door when you put the laundry.If you put too much laundry, you can not dry well.

2.Open the door.

3.Put the laundry.

The appropriate amount is 1/3 of the drum. Make sure that there are no dirt, foreign objects, or forgotten items in the drum before putting laundry.

4.Close the door.

Please close a door well not to get laundry stuck in the door.

5.Select the set temperature.

Select the desired set temperature and press the button.
「高温」"High temperature" for Duvet, etc.
「中温」"Medium temperature" for General clothing, blankets, etc.
「低温1」"Low temperature 1" for delicate products, etc.
「低温2」"Low temperature 2" for Shape memory shirt, etc.
「送風」"Blowing" for Lace curtains, etc.

6.Slowly insert coins.

Please slowly put one by one from the slot. The drying time is displayed according to the number of coins inserted.
You can add coins while driving.

7.Press the start button.

You can check the dryness during operation. If you open the door during operation, the drum will stop. After closing the door, press the start button again. The set temperature can be changed during operation.

8.Take out the laundry.

After drying, open the door and take out the laundry. It is difficult to get wrinkled if taken out immediately after drying.