How to use使い方ガイド

How to use the washing machine dryer combo

1.Open the door.

2.Put the laundry.

Enter the amount up to the height of the sticker on the door. There are "Standard Course" and "Small Course". The detergent and softener are unnecessary.

3.Close the door.

Please close a door well not to get laundry stuck in the door.

4.Select a course.

Please select the course you want. There are 「洗濯+乾燥コース(標準)(少量)」"Laundry + Drying Course (Standard) or(Small)", 「洗濯コース」"Laundry Course" and 「乾燥コース」"Drying Course".
Then select the drying temperature. 「高温」"High temperature (towels)",「中温」 "Medium temperature (general clothing)",「低温」"Low temperature (delicate)"

5.Slowly insert coins.

Driving starts when you enter the specified fee. Insert coins slowly.
When the amount displayed on the monitor reaches 0 yen, it will start automatically.

6.Take out the laundry.

When the buzzer sounds, it is finished. Please take out the laundry. Please be careful not to forget anything.
Don't touch the stainless steel part, as it becomes hot and may cause burns.