How to use使い方ガイド

How to use the washing machine

1.Choose the size of the washing machine.

2.Open the door.

The door opens when the doorknob is lowered.

3.Put the laundry.

The appropriate amount is 3/4 of the drum. The detergent and softener are unnecessary.

4.Close the door.

When the handle is given to the top while holding a door lightly, it closes.Be careful not to let the laundry get caught in the door.

5.Choose a laundry course.

The standard is "1", 「標準」"Standard" and 「ぬるま湯」"Luminous water".

6.Slowly insert coins.

Slowly insert coins while confirming the counting sound. Inserting coins in a hurry can cause get stuck. Please slowly put one by one. If a coin is inserted, it will not return. No change is available.

7.Press the start button.

8.Take out the laundry.

When the buzzer sounds and the time display becomes "00", the laundry is finished. Open the door after the lamp goes out. Please be careful of lost items after use.