About washing machine

Is detergent necessary?
You do not need to bring it. All detergents and softeners are automatically added.
Is it OK to go out while washing?
You can go out, but be careful of theft and mischief.
If you are worried, please keep an eye on your laundry while washing and drying. Even if there is something in the laundry, we can not take responsibility.
Performed the wrong course.
Unfortunately, once a course has been executed, it cannot be changed.
You can not refund it, so please use it carefully.

About dryer

Can the futon be dried?
Quilted feather and cotton futons can be dried.
However, futons with “Dryer banned” or “Tumbler banned” on the washing label cannot be dried.
Is there anything that cannot be dried?
Sensitive items such as fur, leather, beads and embroidery cannot be dried.
For sanitation, diapers and pet items cannot be dried. Do not use oil-attached items as they may cause a fire.
Also, if the fabric is damaged or frayed, it may cause further damage or fraying, so be careful.

About shoe washing machine

How many feet can be washed?
You can wash 2 pairs of adult sneakers and 4 pairs of children's sneakers.
* The amount of washing is a guide.
Can leather shoes be washed?
Sorry. Can't wash.